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Janesce Skincare

The JANESCE organic, botanical skincare range is supported by a holistic philosophy of skin health and total body wellness.

At LOX, we are champions of the Slow Beauty movement. Janesce Skincare offers powerful plant therapy designed to work in harmony with the skin’s protective barrier.

True skin transformation is only possible when we work topically and internally. Janesce offers the whole package with powerful botanical skincare, supplements and skin-nutrition protocols designed to heal skin from within.

If you are ready to embrace the Slow Beauty way, Janesce is the ideal skincare range for you.

“When I discovered Janesce in the early 1990’s, it transformed my approach to skincare. I was finally able to treat the underlying causes of skin challenges and to help clients achieve the naturally beautiful, glowing skin they had always hoped for. We would love to guide you along your own Janesce journey.”

Janine Tait, LOX Founder

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