Looking after yourself is increasingly becoming a science and an art. It is about maintaining a fine balance between hectic lifestyles and time for ourselves. When you achieve this equilibrium the rewards are: increased energy, a feeling of wellness, a more harmonious lifestyle and that allure you have when you look and feel great!

The experience and ongoing training of our Therapists is vital to ensure you receive the best care and we achieve the best results. Our Therapists are aware of the importance of internal health and its impact on how you feel and how you present yourself to the world.

We have designed an elegant, luxurious environment in which to pamper and spoil you. All aspects have been developed with your comfort and privacy in mind. Your time with us is simply that – “your time” and we would like to make that special.

Lox Spa is a place to be indulged, be spoiled, be nurtured, be guided.