Rachel’s Good to Glow Skin Coaching Story | Chapter Five

9 Things I Learnt on the LOX Good to Glow Skin Coaching Programme


The LOX ‘Good to Glow’ 6-week skin coaching programme introduction says it all: we expect too little of our skin.

Until I started my LOX skincare journey, I fitted this description to a tee. My skin wasn’t radiant but I had never suffered from a major skin condition, so I considered myself lucky. My skin didn’t glow, but I wasn’t trying to hide it either.

After six weeks of the Good to Glow skin programme, I realised that I should ask more of my skin and I discovered that adopting a Slow Beauty philosophy was good for my skin and my soul.

Here are my 9 personal take-aways from the Good to Glow programme:

1. Hydration Brings Skin to Life
I didn’t realise that my skin was dehydrated, (apparently this is true of most women) but I certainly struggled with dry patches and flakiness, especially after a run or a swim. The Janesce skin-soaking ritual made it easy to re-hydrate the skin. Dewey, supple skin was one of the first changes I observed and flaky skin is now a thing of the past.

2. Soak, Soak, Soak
If this sounds like a repeat of point 1, it’s because the importance of soaking cannot be underestimated! My Skin Health Coach told me, my beauty therapist told me, my friend told me, Janine Tait told me: soak your skin every day! The morning and evening skin soaking ritual is the foundation upon which the rest of the potent botanical Janesce products build. The soaking drops also make it a beautifully aromatic way to start your day.

3. Skincare is Self-Care
Adopting the Janesce skincare routine gave me some valuable ‘me time’ every morning and evening. It is a beautiful and feminine self-care ritual that I have come to cherish.

4. I Love Facials After All!
Facials scared me: I thought they would be all poking and prodding, pain and redness. Instead, I discovered that LOX Slow Beauty Facials are more like a massage for your face. My love of the deep state of relaxation they induce is matched only by how gorgeous my skin looks and feels afterwards.

5. Your Exercise Patterns Can Affect Your Skin
Exercise is great for my body and my mind, but swimming and running seem to irritate my skin. My Skin Health Coach and beauty therapist helped me find products (Avocado and Sesame oil) and methods (a damp cloth and a botanical mist post-run) to ease the effect of chlorine and sweaty workouts on my skin.

6. The LOX Team is Super Supportive
By taking part in a LOX skin programme you become part of their supportive community. Jenny’s regular check-in texts, phone calls, and catch ups made me feel very taken care of.

7. Botanical is the New Black

I have fallen head over heels for the Janesce botanical skincare range. I love that the products are organic and plant-based; I love how they feel on my skin; and I love their effect. My favourite is the avocado and sesame oil, which works both as a cleanser and as a pre-swim skin protector.

8. I CAN Live Without Peanut Butter
My stomach dropped when Jenny Barrow suggested I cut out peanuts – a known skin disruptor that causes inflammation and congestion. I swapped in B vitamin-rich vegemite and, while I do miss my favourite spread, it’s nice to know that I can live without it.

9. Slow Beauty is Like the Slow Food Movement
I have long been a Slow Food advocate and Slow Beauty is much the same. They both encourage resisting quick fixes, instead opting for slow and sustainable lifestyle changes. Long walks, homemade food and a daily commitment to plant-based skincare all work in unison to foster a healthy, happy life.

Did my skin go from ‘Good to Glow’?

I did! I thought radiant skin was only for the lucky few, but after six weeks on the programme and my first facial my lack lustre skin came alive. Skin tones evened out and brightened – I am now enjoying that ‘Janesce glow’. Glowing skin has given me a fresh dose of confidence as I forge my way into my thirties.

Ready to begin your own GOOD TO GLOW programme?

We know that healthy, beautiful skin that glows from within is possible for everyone if they are willing to make some skincare and diet tweaks. If you are ready to take your skin to the next level, this programme is for you. READ MORE

At LOX, our Skin Health Coach, Jenny Barrow, offers two tailored skin-coaching programmes, using a Slow Beauty approach to support you on your unique skin transformation journey.


  • November 1, 2017
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