Rachel’s Good to Glow Skin Story | My First Ever Facial

Falling in Love with my First Ever Facial

When she turned 30, Rachel Hart decided it was high time to start looking after her skin. She embarked on the six-week ‘Good to Glow’ skin coaching programme with Jenny Barrow at LOX Holistic Beauty and discovered that caring for her skin equated to caring for herself. One year after politely declining her first facial – afraid to tempt fate right before her wedding – she booked in for a LOX Signature Facial.
[Spoiler Alert: she loved it!]

Facials for Dummies

A year ago, I was too scared to get a facial. If you’ve been following my Good to Glow skin coaching journey, you already know that before stepping into LOX Holistic Beauty in Greerton, my skincare routine could only be described as…basic.

My Lox Skin Health Coach, Jenny Barrow, has since opened my eyes to the joys of taking care of my skin and, and as part of the Good to Glow programme I am rewarded with, and now ready for, my first ever facial.

Unsure of what a facial actually involves, I headed to YouTube where I viewed a spectrum of videos, from ten-dollar DIY treatments to luxury thousand-dollar truffle-infused experiences complete with limousine transportation to and from the Spa.

I am no fan of truffles but a limo certainly sounded appealing. Instead I hopped into my ageing Toyota and drove myself to Greerton.

First and Foremost a Feel-Good Experience

Stephanie, my LOX beauty therapist, quickly examined my skin, patiently answered my questions and described what was in store for me. I tried to envision the process – cleanse, soak, mist, enzyme peel, steam, massage oil, mask – but no words could depict the deeply relaxing sensory experience that I was about to have.

I was particularly happy to hear that post-facial break outs are not a worry: the combination of Janesce’s organic plant-based products and the high level of expertise of Lox’s beauty therapists ensures that the client’s skin will only end up healthier and more radiant post-treatment. With this assurance, I eagerly changed into a robe and cozied up into the treatment chair where Stephanie wrapped a warm blanket around me, tucked in my feet and reclined my seat.

A Sensory Experience Like No Other

The first sensation that enveloped me was warmth; as someone with perpetually cold feet, I was thrilled to feel utterly warm from head to tucked-in toe. The big blanket, the heated chair and the warm water and lavender-soaked towelette that Stephanie used to cover my face and open my pores allowed warmth to spread over me and send me into a state of relaxation. Stephanie instructed me to enjoy the treatment. “Yes, this will benefit your skin,” she explained, “but the treatment is all about you. This is about having a lovely, relaxing, feel-good experience.”

Scents of lavender, orange, grapefruit and rose came in waves as Stephanie applied creams, mist, steam and warm compresses. It was a fragrant and floral fruit salad for my skin. For what seemed like hours, I surrendered to a deep relaxation brought on by the essential oils, intoxicating aromas and soothing massage of not only my face, but my head, neck, arms and hands.

Despite having gone to a dreamy place of complete calm, I noticed that several of the products Stephanie used were the same as the ones I had lined up in my medicine cabinet – the Janesce soaking drops, hydrating mist, sensitive dehydrated concentrate and skin reviver – yet the application couldn’t have been more distinct. Having an experienced therapist spend an hour and a half applying and massaging these familiar products onto my skin was luxurious – much more luxurious, I would argue, and definitely better smelling, than a truffle-infused facial.

What is in an Enzyme Peel?

Some of the products were new to me, but one in particular piqued my interest: the enzyme peel. The concept of a chemical facial peel came up repeatedly in my YouTube research session and seemed an incredibly harsh product to use on one’s face – certainly not the sort of thing I wanted on my skin. It didn’t seem the sort of thing Janine Tait, the founder of LOX and a respected champion of the Slow Beauty movement, would want on my skin either.

Although I was enjoying Stephanie’s calm and quiet treatment style, I piped up to investigate the enzyme peel. Stephanie explained that it exfoliates the skin, softening and removing dead skin cells.

“What’s in it?” I probed.

Stephanie listed a few of the peel’s many potent, plant-based ingredients – rose water, lavender, peppermint, carrot seed oil – before revealing that the active enzymatic ingredients are pineapple and papaya extract.

Of course, I thought, the main ingredients aren’t only natural, they’re edible! Stephanie went on to explain how she saw great results treating any rogue teenage pimples her children experienced with this natural enzyme peel. I relaxed back into the chair and re-entered the quiet dreamy world I was occupying as the creamy pineapple product went to work on my skin.

The Post-Facial Glow

I had lost any notion of time as Stephanie wound down the treatment and quietly left the room, giving me some time to myself to relax. Afterwards I dreamily made my way back to my little change room where a delicious cup of Eternitea and raw snickers bar were waiting for me. It was a perfectly gentle transition back into the real post-facial world.

Immediately after the facial, my skin was moist and clear, but the best results happened in the days and weeks that followed. My skin reached a new height of hydration and looked even, smooth, bright and youthful. The experience instilled in me a desire to slow down my own evening skincare routine, turning it into a mini-facial instead of just going through the motions, keeping up the self-care and skin-love all the way until next month’s facial appointment and beyond.

At LOX, our Skin Health Coach, Jenny Barrow, offers two tailored skin-coaching programmes, using a Slow Beauty approach to support you on your unique skin transformation journey.


  • November 1, 2017
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