My Christmas Present for My Little Cambodian Sister

My Christmas Present for My Little Cambodian Sister

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Nicola is one of our LOX therapists who sponsors a young Cambodian girl through the Bestow Sisterhood, in partnership with the Cambodia Charitable Trust.  This Christmas, Nicola decided to do something special for her sponsor girl and get her kids involved.

“I’ve always wanted to sponsor a child, and when I heard Denise, founder of the Cambodia Charitable Trust, tell a story about a young girl who was trafficked, I knew I had to act. This story rocked me to the core of my being. I have children and thought if I could save a child from that fate then I would. I also felt if I was a parent in that situation I would be hoping that someone would help.

With Christmas coming up, I wanted to do something special for my little Cambodian sister. We decided to donate a bike. It’s such a small thing for us, but will make her day so much easier, especially getting to and from school. My children have all put money towards her bike because they understand how important it is for her, and how fortunate they are to live in New Zealand. As a LOX therapist, everything I do is centred on women and wellness. This is a way that I can extend wellness to a sister on the other side of the globe, and offer her the hope of a brighter future. It feels good to give.”

Show Some Generositea This Christmas

GENEROSITEA | The Bestow Sisterhood Tea
All profits donated to the Cambodia Charitable Trust

To celebrate the launch of the Bestow Sisterhood we are delighted to introduce ‘Generositea’. This beautiful rose-coloured tea is an organic blend of lemongrass, peppermint, hibiscus, cinnamon and cardamom.  All of our profits from the sale of Generositea will be donated to the Cambodia Charitable Trust.


Give the gift of well-being to yourself and a friend this Christmas, and know that together you are supporting the wellbeing of a little Cambodian sister.

1 x Tin of Generositea / 1 x Generositea Refill / 1 x Bestow Tea Infuser
$55 usually $68.50.

  • November 26, 2017
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