Emily Arnold Reviews the Slow Beauty Luxury Facial at Lox

The new LOX Slow Beauty Luxury Facial offers ultimate relaxation and floods your skin with wellbeing. Emily Arnold, takes a break from making her way in the world, and discovers a dreamy slow dance of massage, botanical skin therapy and sensory relaxation that seems to last forever.

I had been busy; work had been hectic and I had a full schedule. More than full – a schedule that seemed to be overflowing with tasks, meetings and requirements. Stress and anxiety crept in with the resulting late nights, leaving me feeling tired and wired. I was looking for something, a way to carve out some time for me; to recharge my batteries and reconnect with my inner calm.

LOX had just introduced the new Slow Beauty Luxury Facial and I was intrigued. After many years of believing in and following the Janesce Slow Beauty philosophy I knew this facial was exactly what I needed.

I arrived at LOX excited, wearing my most comfortable clothes and eagerly anticipating what was in store. I was ready to unplug. My skincare therapist, Stephanie, met me in the waiting room and took me through to her room where I got dressed in a soft robe and then was taken to the softly-lit treatment room. Steph started with a brief skin check. Then my facial began.

Nestled deep into the covers of the bed I felt a familiar feeling returning, a kind of relaxation only achieved in moments of complete calm.

I felt myself detach and drift away. It was a complete sensory experience – the floral fragrance of the plant based products, the gentle tickling of the mist as it fell on my face, the soft strokes along my brow, the relaxing music in the background.

Warm oil was swirled around my face with a delicate paintbrush; my neck and shoulders were treated to beautiful aromatic massage. Steph moved down to my feet and applied hot towels, then gave them a gentle massage.

Every movement was slow and deliberate, every part of the treatment was perfect.

I blissed out and drifted off.  A warm compress, followed by yet another aromatic facial massage towards the end began to bring my awareness back into my body.

Steph quietly left for a few minutes to make me a cup of herbal tea and allow me time to wake up.  As I became more conscious I was astounded – my mind was clear, the stress was gone.

This facial beautifully embodied the quintessential values of the Slow Beauty movement, a movement that has been championed by LOX founder, Janine Tait.

Promoting sustainable, glowing beauty from the inside and out, the Slow Beauty movement finds its roots in a plant-based skin journey that nourishes the skin from within with skin nutrition and which works in harmony with nature and the biology of the skin.

No machines, no quick-fixes, no harsh chemicals.
Just plant-therapy, touch and wellness wisdom.
That’s the Slow Beauty way.

‘Slow’ is also about pacing in this luxurious treatment.   “The movements I use in this facial are deliberately much slower than normal facials,” says Stephanie.  “This allows women to really connect with the treatment and gives them the most relaxing, nurturing experience possible.  Most women come to us stressed, but it’s  virtually impossible to feel stressed after this treatment”

I’ll second that.

LOX Slow Beauty Facials provide an intensive boost for your skin using the  botanical Janesce skincare range.  Using powerful, organic plant extracts, Janesce facials are anti-ageing, hydrating and nourishing for skin.

Therapeutic skin massage, warm compresses and fragrant botanical oils make these sensory facials a beautiful treat for the soul as well as the skin.


  • January 31, 2018
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