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Janesce Skincare

The JANESCE organic, botanical skincare range is supported by a holistic philosophy of skin health and total body wellness.

At LOX, we are champions of the Slow Beauty movement. Janesce Skincare offers powerful plant therapy designed to work in harmony with the skin’s protective barrier.

True skin transformation is only possible when we work topically and internally. Janesce offers the whole package with powerful botanical skincare, supplements and skin-nutrition protocols designed to heal skin from within.

If you are ready to embrace the Slow Beauty way, Janesce is the ideal skincare range for you.

“When I discovered Janesce in the early 1990’s, it transformed my approach to skincare. I was finally able to treat the underlying causes of skin challenges and to help clients achieve the naturally beautiful, glowing skin they had always hoped for. We would love to guide you along your own Janesce journey.”

Janine Tait, LOX Founder

Plant Therapy

The therapeutic value of plants has been known for centuries. Many of the powerful pharmaceuticals used today have been modelled on the active elements found in medicinal herbs and flowers.

In recent years there has been resurgence of interest in therapeutic plants, spurred on by validation of their benefits by modern research. Benefits that were previously only folklore have now been scientifically confirmed and some new attributes discovered. Combined with the fact that these plant actives are easily absorbed by our skin, and safely utilized by our cells; you can see why plants are the first choice for Janesce.

Janesce Offers You…

A botanical skincare range containing powerful plant actives.

A Slow Beauty approach to topical skincare that re-builds the barrier function, resulting in plump, hydrated, glowing skin.

Nutrition protocols, recipes and resources to heal the skin through diet.

The skincare products and wellness wisdom to heal skin-disorders such as acne, rosacea, eczema, congested and hypersensitive skin.

What makes JANESCE different
from other ranges?

The Skin Soaking Protocol

Topical hydration is absolutely essential for beautiful skin. The Janesce mantra is to ‘wet the skin and lock it in’. We achieve this with a twice-daily skin soaking ritual, immediately followed by the application of potent herbal concentrates and oils to seal the hydration in. This rebuilds and protects the barrier function and skin becomes noticeably more soft and plump.

The Potency of Janesce Herbal Extracts

Each Janesce product is a uniquely formulated potent herbal medicine with a huge range of therapeutic benefits for skin. Grown on Claret Ash organic farm in Adelaide Hills, Janice Smith’s innovative extraction method means Janesce products contain up to 70% more plant actives than other botanical ranges.

Janesce Holistic Skincare Philosophy

Janesce therapists receive an in-depth education about holistic skincare, dermo-nutrition and how to address the underlying causes of skin challenges. These approaches are not adequately taught in current beauty therapy training programmes, so you may have encountered other beauty therapists who have not been able to help you solve your skin problems. Your LOX therapist has the skills, knowledge and experience to guide you on a skin transformation journey.

The Janesce Skin Care Ritual

Full strength plant therapy to transform
your skin from good to glow

There are a wide range of Janesce products and your LOX therapist will select the products that will best suit your unique skin needs. Below are the stages that make up the Janesce skincare ritual for morning and evening home care.


We believe in cleansing the skin only once a day at the end of the day. This process gently removes makeup or any toxins on the skin that has built up throughout the day. Skin soaking is more than adequate to cleanse the skin in the morning.

Skin Soaking

The Janesce Skin Soaking ritual is a gentle way to hydrate the upper layers of your skin. The warm water also relaxes the pores which encourages the easy absorption of plant extracts and lotions. The fragrant botanical soaking drops and deep breathing makes this a beautiful, well-being ritual for morning and evening.


Using a floral mist to lightly mist your skin while it is still damp assists hydration. The blend of organic herbs and floral extracts also conditions the skin.


Janesce concentrates and serums are high-powered plant therapy. They restore, regenerate and enliven your skin. Created from organic herb and floral extracts, they naturally absorb into the layers of your skin to boost healthy skin function. They are the medicine for the skin.


This is what locks in all the moisture you have provided to the skin in the previous steps. It is essential in keeping the skin hydrated and protected.


Sun damage is the main cause of skin ageing. This unique blend of particular herbs, flower extracts and nut butter is rich in anti-oxidants, which counteract free radicals caused by sun exposure. In addition, the shea butter acts as a natural sun filter. This product is a progressive treatment. Over time your skin will show less sensitivity to the effects of the sun, and the effect will slow premature ageing.